Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Moppit & Wall Paintings

These are pretty old - a year old, actually. One of my summer projects last year was to spruce my bathroom up a bit with four paintings. I have a small obsession with playing cards so I decided to paint four aces but to try and make it look like the suit in each image was a window to a night sky behind. I also tried to get some idea of very small sequence of events between the panels. The first two are just night sky - the Ace of Spades has the moon and some stars in, as you can see.

The Ace of Diamonds is more cloudy - clouds being another thing I'd spent a lot of time playing around with recently and painting/drawing in various media. Since this was the first time I'd really played around with stencil paints and brushes, I was pretty pleased with how they turned out (actually, I think stencil brushes are pretty well suited to painting the more fluffy clouds).

Moppit is a stuffed bunny I've had since I was very young, and has always been my favourite. I'd painted her once before a few years ago in an entry to an art tournament with the theme of 'dreamscape' (I painted a cloudy sky with lots of stuffed toys riding on balloons). I'd recently been trying to re-do the painting, but it was frustratingly not turning out how I wanted it/could see it in my head, so I put the painting on hold (and it's still on hold...) and transfered the idea over to the painting of my bathroom. So here is Moppit, travelling through the night sky on her balloon.

In the final panel Moppit, perhaps spying the viewer as she was flying around on her balloon, has decided to to have a closer peek at what's happening on the other side of the window. I would say that I painted this panel the way I did because it gave a chance to emphasis the idea that the suits are windows, rather than flat cards with pretty paintings on, but that was just a happy coincidence. I just thought it would be cool.

The same summer I also started painting a much larger panel in the spare room, which I never finished - partly because I ran out of time, but partly because I realised that the picture I'd had in mind to paint just wasn't going to work the way I wanted to. I'm still trying to think of something else to paint instead.

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