Saturday, 12 June 2010

Plain Crochet Scarf

In Manos Del Uruguay using a 7mm hook. A pretty plain scarf for Domibaar. It's not quite Double Treble (or Treble, if you're American) as the stitch went: yoh, yoh, push through top of stitch, yoh, pull through two hoops on hook, yoh, pull through two, yoh, pull through two. Not really sure why I chose to do that, but there we go. I started this before the hyperbolic ball and the hat, but finished afterwards, mainly because I ran out of wool - I bought the wool to follow a different pattern (it wasn't the wool the pattern called for, but the shop didn't sell that, so I substituted this), which only needed two skeins, but gave up on following it pretty quickly, it just wasn't working right in the different wool, and doing it in the plain stitch used up the wool quicker. It's still not quite long enough for me, but a) It doesn't matter how long it is for me - I don't have to wear it b) I would say that, I like really long scarves and c) That wool is too expensive to buy another skein.

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