Monday, 28 June 2010

Pretty Things and Not So Pretty Things

When I was young I was constantly entranced on walking into most shops by the variety of colours - wool, thread, paint, pens, paper, fabric, staplers - you name it, if it came in a range of pretty colours, I wanted it. Of course, I never got it, because I was a kid and I had no money and my mom knew that I didn't need five hole-punches just because they looked pretty if you lined them up. Then I became a sort of goth, and lost interest in buying the pretty colours and went for the blacks, dark reds and purples. But after stumbling across Attic 24 and seeing all the fantastic colours she uses, I remembered my ld love for pretty, pretty colours and thus, having located a far cheaper wool shop than the one I usually use, I bought this lot for £20:

I'm hoping to make a few things to decorate my new room with, since I'm moving flats in two days time. Fun fun. The below... thing. Is something that one of my housemates left behind when she moved out. She was going to hand it to a charity shop but ran out of time. But when I saw it, I thought 'I could use that wool' and have thus begun the process of unravelling it.
Most of the wool pieces are pretty short so I think I'm mostly going to end up with hundreds and hundreds of little picot flowers that I'll then have to think of uses for. The first few got nicked by my housemates, who decided to show of their manliness by wearing them as bracelets. My housemates are mostly pretty cool.

Tomorrow I'm going to go and pick up some fabric so my mother and I can start a summer quilting project. Once again, I think I shall indulge in the pretty colours and the fact that I can now afford them.

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