Friday, 11 June 2010

Raspberry Hat

I made this using a gorgeous wool from Manos del Uruguay and a bit of ribbon I bought several years ago which I never found use for, but that turned out to be just the right length for this. I love the wool because it has such a rich variety of reds in it and having used just over half the ball on this, I'm struggling to think of what to use the rest of it for - I could probably make one glove, or one arm warmer...

Anyway. the pattern I used is here. I made a minor change in round 11 to double trebles (just trebles if you're American) so that the stitches would be long enough for me to weave the ribbon through. I found the pattern was coming up a bit short anyway, so I didn't need to compensate for the longer row and it turned out just the right length for me (and I think I have a rather small head - or at least, that's what the amount of hats I've tried that are too big for me has lead me to believe), so if you're just following the pattern normally, I'd definitely try it on after round 11 and then decide whether to add another round or two or not.

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