Monday, 7 June 2010

Running After Rabbits

Assuming the only people who ever stumble across this blog will be rabbit lovers, you'll probably be disappointed to discover this isn't much about rabbits. There will be rabbits occasionally in some form or another, but what I wanted (and what I made) was a craft blog. Why did I call it 'running after rabbits'? Because 'master of none', 'mistress of none', 'jack of all trades' and 'jill of all trades' were all already gone. And those were the names I really would have wanted for this blog, because that's what I feel I am. So, on finding all my acceptable variations taken, I googled the phrase to see if I could turn up anything interesting. The first hit was of course, wikipedia. It gave a brief summary of the phrase, and then a long list of the phrase, or its equivalent, in varying languages. I scrolled down to the bottom not really paying much attention, and then this line caught my eye: 'Romanian: Cine alearga dupa doi iepuri nu prinde nici unul ("Who runs after two rabbits will catch none")'. And since I really do quite like rabbits, (I have a small bunny obsession developing due to having wanted one for years, and not having lived anywhere that would let me keep one) I decided that would do the job. And here we are.

So, in brief, I intend this blog to be a record of some sort of the various activities I undertake - crochet, sewing, knitting, quilting, painting, drawing, paper mache, the playing of various instruments, etc.

I've been planning to make this blog for a while (I promised myself I would wait until after my exams were over), so for the first few weeks I have quite a stock of things to post already. Not that that really matters, as I have no reader-base, and probably never shall due to the eclectic nature of everything I do (even the paintings I do within the same medium completely lack any continuity of style). So liking one post doesn't guarantee that you'll like anything else I post. Hopefully in the next few days between posting I'll get the opportunity to make the page look more (or less, I suppose, depending on your taste) aesthetically attractive.

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