Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The Bacchae; Part two

These masks are the chorus leader and the chorus. I wanted them to be quite weird, other-worldly and slightly creepy so asymmetry and weird eyes were definitely the way forward. Chorus Leader got a crown of sorts because I wanted to make her stand out.

The mask below is a slightly different colour to the rest because I had to mix a new batch of paint to make it, and for the life of me it would. Not. Make. The same colour. Which I'm sure is something most painters have experienced at one point or another. It baffled me - I added far less blue to this one than to the others and yet it's come out as a far bluer purple.

The leaves that they have swirling over them are vine leaves, so the groups of gold dots hanging from them end of the swirls are supposed to be grapes.

I quite like the eye on this one, it has a 'melting' look to it, rather than some of the others which look more lava lamp-esque.

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