Friday, 9 July 2010

Ripple Wall Hangings and other things

So I used the pretty wool to make some 'wall-hangings' to decorate my new bedroom, which is pretty big and thus has a lot of wall space to fill. I got bored of just having posters up there and since I can't put up picture hooks to hang my masks and framed pictures, I decided to crochet some colourful ripples to hang around. They turned out alright, I think - other than the blue. That bright blue was beautiful, but completely the wrong shade. If I see the right colour somewhere I might unpick that last band and try again. I'm really pleased with the green and the purple though - those are some sexy colours.

But the great thing about making all these was it gave me a chance to experiment and get to grips with several different brands of yarn, and I have to say: Palette yarn is EVIL. the three colours on the yellow ripple are all Palette Collection and apart from the fact that it feels about as soft as dry grass, within the five rows of the ripple I did in the orange there were four separate places where the yarn had broken and been tied back together in a knot, one place where one strand of the yarn had broken and another place where two and a bit stands had broken, holding it together by the smallest amount. In the lightest yellow there was one break that had been knotted back together and in the middle colour, despite there being no breaks, there were quite a few places where the thickness of the yarn suddenly became very uneven. So yes, don't go near Palette unless you plan to make yourself some exfoliating gloves and don't mind darning in 20 more ends that you should need to.

King Cole was probably the best, which was to be expected since it's 30% wool and the rest are 100% acrylic. But Premier Value DK was almost as soft and the colour was gorgeous. The Sempati Classics DK was okay - not quite as soft and a bit fuzzy but still wonderful compared to the evil, evil Palette yarns.

I also finished this hat for iippo - the same design as my raspberry hat (a modified yarncat design, link to pattern in previous post). I think the colours will suit her really well. It's such a fantastic wool - Manos Del Uruguay again. The hardest part was picking out a ribbon which would best complement all the different colours in the wool.

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