Monday, 25 October 2010

Another Monday, Another Small Haul

My sixteen year old self would have been absolutely baffled to see how exciting I was over vegetables when I discovered a new Better Food Company shop had opened near me. My sixteen year old self wouldn't even have heard of a patty pan squash let alone wanted to cook with one. Though she may have acknowledge to awesomeness of the fractal Romanesco Broccoli. She would also have been baffled by my complete "Girlishness" in wanting more cake-baking trays and cookie cutters. Though she would perhaps have been slightly relieved to see me buying black cake cups and red food dye to colour the icing. We only walked past the new food shop because we'd gone to a Kitchen shop so I could buy Domibaar a birthday present (the chocolate cookbook and the marble board). And because we went to the Better Food shop instead of going down to Sainsbury's as we'd planned, we walked a different way home, and walked past a house offering free windfall apples. So the plan is for a host of yummy veg for tea, followed by apple crumble. My sixteen year old self is turning in her grave, bless her.
And since I've made enough blog posts already today (I really should try and space them more evenly over the week), I have a final picture. On Wednesday I was helping out with a Guiding centenary event. We spent several hours blowing up 500 balloons with LEDs in them, then fitting out a bunch of lanterns with glow sticks. It was a pretty fun night. I ended up bringing the glowsticks home to find out if they could be recycled rather than just throwing them away, along with a few LEDs from several balloons which inevitably burst, as balloons are wont to do when you throw 500 of them down from a balcony into a room of excited young girls.

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