Monday, 25 October 2010

Moebius Gloves

I'd had some Rowan Tapestry wool that I'd bought in a sale sitting in my stash for a while. I bought it intending to make Domibaar some gloves, and even had a certain pattern in mind (Pixelated Mushroom's Moebius mitts). But for one reason or another, I just didn't get round to making them. With Domibaar visiting this weekend, I figured I should set myself a goal of finishing them before he goes. So I did, and so I did.

For some reason I cannot fathom, despite being both the same length in terms of stitches, one looks a little smaller than the other. I actually sewed the twist in place when I was done, just so Domibaar would be able to tell which glove went on which hand (not that it seems to have helped). The pattern is simple and incredibly quick and I still have another ball of the tapestry wool left, so I need to think of something to do with that, now.

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