Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Yesterday and today has been full of bakey-bakey fun. The smilies above were what I did with what was left of the gingerbread mix after I'd finished making as many stars as I wanted to. There are so many tiny little stars! I may take them in to my lecture tomorrow and become the crazy baking girl. But I also had fun making my tiny little goth cakes, as pictured below. They have a yummy vanilla flavour (I panicked for a moment when I accidentally added way more vanilla essence than I meant to the mix, but then the delicious smell of vanilla wafted up, and all was well). The icing looks so yummy when it's still wet, it has such a lovely blood-like shine.
I also made some green ones too. Mainly because weak little me couldn't get the lid off the red food dye this morning. Luckily, a friend came round later and managed to open it.
And here are the little star cookies. I quite like baking tiny litle snacks, I've decided.

I'm rather impressed that they turned out as well as they did (lots of ways I could improve them, I'm sure), considering that my oven is rubbish. It's an old gas oven, no fan, and the only two temperature settings it has are 'low' and 'high'. Also, for the gingerbread recipe I followed one that was written in 'cups' and used another site to convert. I don't know whether the recipe was wrong or whether the conversion was wrong but after following it I ended up with something a lot closer to cake mix that gingerbread dough. I had to add a lot more sugar and flour to get it to turn into something I could actually roll out.

Of course, the best thing was the apple crumble that Domibaar made with the free windfall apples. But we ate all that before I could snap a photo of it.

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