Saturday, 16 October 2010

The Rabbit Leaps, The Turtle Swims

*creeps shame-facedly back in* I didn't die over the summer, but it wasn't anywhere near as productive as I'd hoped, either. I spent most of it trying to catch up with the reading goal I'd set myself for this year (100 books. It's still not going to happen, but at least I finally finished War and Peace) I did, however, produce rather a lot of art (for me, that is, it was only 4 pieces). The above being one of them, and a highly unusual piece for me in that I just started doodling and adding stuff with no real plan. You can see more of the art here.

I did also start crocheting some gloves for the winter with some Rowan tapestry wool. Such lovely colours. So frustrating to use! I usually have a problem with gloves in that, having tiny wrists, the gloves are always really loose and baggy around my wrists. 'One size fits all' evening gloves do NOT fit all sizes. On me, they gather and clump in a stupid way around my wrists. Obviously, these aren't evening gloves, but still. I like a snug wrist fit. So that's what I aimed for when I started making up these gloves. Because they're going to be so snug around my wrist, I couldn't just work round and round - if I did that, I wouldn't be able to get my hand through the wrist part without stretching it out of shape, so: buttons. Button up gloves. Classy.

In retrospect, tapestry wool wasn't the best wool to choose to just make the pattern up as I went along in. Lots of undoing. Lots of knotting. Lots of frustration. Which, I guess, is why I took a break from them for a long while after finishing the first glove. Hopefully, with winter just around the corner I'll have the incetive to pick them up again. The one I've made is still not perfect. it fits around the wrist, but it's a ittle loose around the thumb. *sigh*

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