Monday, 18 October 2010

Shiny new things! YAY!

So this morning I took a trek along Gloucester Road, to go to the bead shop, wool shop, and general craft shop. In the bead shop I picked up a single bead for use in a bookmark I have to make for a bookmark exchange over on Elftown, a set of three pliers so I can venture into the rather cool world of chain mail, and some jump rings for the same purpose. In the wool shop I picked up some double pointed needles, two sets of circular needles and four balls of wool. Two of them, at least (the black and purple aran balls) I had plans for - the project for which I was also buying the needles. The other two (the yellow-orange-purple-red angora and the funky purple-green DK) I just fell in love with and therefore had to buy. Project plans can come later. Talking to a crochet friend later today, I discovered she'd done exactly the same thing with the same two wools. Great minds think alike? (Or fools run in the same track?). In the craft shop I ogled their thread display, but restrained myself to buying two sheets of card stock, again for the book mark mini-project.

By the time I got home, I'd already thought of a hat I wanted to make with the Dk wool (it's from King Cole's Mirage range), but I pretty much had to dump my stuff and dash off to lectures. Yay for 4-6 PM lectures. Can you hear the enthusiasm?

After that I got back, grabbed some tea and headed of to the UoB Knitting Soc meeting. This session was for beginners who don't know how to knit, but since I can't make the normal sessions and they were offering a free ball of wool and needles, I went along. I took the Mirage wool and the pattern I'd fished out for it along with me, intending to just sit back and crochet whilst the rest learnt to knit. But when I got there the few people who did know how to knit were vastly overwhelmed by the newcomers who didn't, so I spent the entire evening teaching people how to knit. Which was fun, but rather scary. I don't think I'm a very good teacher. At least not for knitting. I'm sure lots of them won't come again, but hopefully a few will. By the end of the evening the group I'd been helping had all learned to cast on, knit, and purl, albeit still rather unevenly. I've ended up walking roughly about 7.5 miles today and I haven't just rubbed up blisters on both ankles, I've popped them too. Taking the socks off was rather painful, but I guess it's worth if for. I'm determined to cosy up by the fire and start this hat before I go to bed, though. I'd hoped to start playing around with the chain mail stuff too, but I guess that can wait 'till tomorrow.

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