Monday, 20 December 2010

Plain Stripe Scarf

A very simple stripy scarf pattern from the Domiknitrix book. I didn't bother varying the thickness of the stripes because... I've never owned a simple stripy scarf before. And I wanted one. I found the instructions for kitchener stitch in this book incredibly confusing, and ended up searching online for an alternative way. So I managed (just about, it's not really a seamless join) in the end. I think I prefer working on 2 circs as oppose to 4/5 dpns, it just seems easier to me.

I'm knitting/crocheting 3/4 (one I know isn't going to be finished in time) presents this Christmas, one of which is finished, the other two of which are both just over half finished. One is following a pattern, the other I'm making up as I go along. The one that I'm not trying to get finished for Christmas day is another scarf pattern from Ravelry - longcat/tacgnol.

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