Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Small projects of November

So very, very busy. It can be hard to find time after everything else has done to get some crafty stuff in, but I've had a few small projects (and one big one) to keep me going through November. In no particular order, here are:

A simple cover I made for my money box (which is just an empty Cadbury's hot chocolate can with a slit cut in the lid). According to my mother, this is one step away from crocheting toilet roll cosies, but at least I can now tell which of the several Cadbury's hot chocolate cans in my room has my money in.

A bookmark for a bookmark exchange I joined. I did have an earlier one with a better dragon on, but when I came to trim it I foolishly snipped part of the dragon off. Because that's the kind of clumsy crafter I am. I still have no idea if this is good enough compared to the other bookmarks. :/ It seems a little simple in artistic design by comparison. The corner bookmarkness came from this tutorial by Chocolate on My Cranium.

I also finally got a small, small chance to start playing around with chain maille. It's trickier than it looks, which I expected, but is still trickier than I expected. I'm also having trouble finding any decent tutorials/books.

A pair (shocking) of 'Bell Cuffs', as I have decided to call them. I made them with a ball of wool I took with me when I went to visit my parents for a weekend. I have small hands and small wrists, so 'one size fits all' gloves usually really don't fit me. The only way I can seem to get a snug fit around my wrist and still be able to get the glove over my hand is buttons. So buttons we have. I'll write the pattern up at some point unless I find someone else has already done something strikingly similar.

There are a few other smaller projects going on, (which cannot be mentioned, at least not until after Christmas), and a few big ones, which I will hopefully post about soon. After finishing this Ancient Greek essay.

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