Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The crocheted Presents:

On the left is Tangle. On the right is Fred, the reference for Tangle. Fred is a Jellycat Truffles Highland Cow, and I adore him. I have a whole set of them, but Fred was the first. It's impossible to stay grumpy if you have one of these moocows, they have such a lovely, self-satisfied smile. They always look incredibly proud of themselves. Domi also loves them, so I made him his very own for Christmas. The fur was done with some old wool my mother had left over from years ago and a 7mm hook, the horns, ears, feet, etc were done in DK and a 3.5mm hook. Her feet are full of rice, so I had to sew little sacks to put the rice in before I could put them in the feet. I also had to make a little sack to stuff for her head, otherwise the stuffing would have been far too easy to see and pull out through the holes. Her smile isn't quite as captivating as Fred's, but I'm proud of her nonetheless, and Domi loved her, which is the important thing.

A totoro, following Lucy Ravenscar's pattern, posted on Ravelry. The other present I made for Domi (he got a bunch of other presents, too, but these were the hand-made ones). The eyes are buttons, which were originally red, but felt-tipped black with permanent marker (they were the only buttons the right size). Domi's already asking for a crocheted version of the big totoro, scaled to be proportional to this one. And a longcow scarf. I'm not sure about either of those, but it's good to have a partner who appreciates the presents. :)

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