Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Crafty To-do List, Summer 2011: version 1.0

So, apart from writing my dissertation, trying to find a job, completing the editing course and preparing for MA 2.0 next year (Coventry; Contemporary Art Practice) I also have a load of crafty stuff to do. Some craft-trades, some commissions, and some personal project that I'd really like to get finished.

- Moppit Baby Blanket for Alexxi (working on now)
- Longcat scarf for Linderel (started)
- Viking Cthulhu for Viking
- Hat for Sunrose (basically finished, just need to go get a ribbon)
- Bookmark for bookmark exchange (Finished, and has been for months and months, but I never have the money to post it to America >_< But I get paid very soon, so I'll finally be able to send it).
- Skull blanket for me (started, on hold)
- Goth Shawl (for me - which reminds me - need to go buy more skull buttons before I leave Bristol)
- Elder Sign (tantalizingly close to being finished)
- Final skull cushion cover (started, but still a long way to go)
- Make masks!
- Zombunny.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Catch up, catch up, catch up

So, let's just ignore the absence for several months, shall we? It was full of work, essays, masks, costumes, lions, tigers, bears, etc. Well, okay, no tigers or bears. But lions. And cats. And bunnies.

I'll be posting stuff from the past few months over the next few days. That was such a pretty sentence. But it would be more ironically ordered 'over the next few days I'll be posting stuff from the past few months' - which in some ways would perhaps be more fitting, since it fits with the idea of dragging into the present the past. Format fits content. Glorious.

Let's start with hats. This is one I made over Christmas, from a single ball of wool that I'd picked up from a sale somewhere. I should really start keeping better track of these things. It was thick stuff - I used a 10mm hook, and worked in half DCs (American). The design was inspired by a bauble on our Christmas tree. The flower was made with some left-over purple fabric, ruched into a circle; the button was from my button-box.

It's currently entered into a 'design a hat contest' over on Elftown. I've got another hat that I'm working on at the moment which I hope to be my second entry. There are also two more hats that I've made: one as part of a craft trade, other as a request for a friend. They're the same design as the original raspberry hat, just in different colours. I'll post photos of those later, when my camera has recharged itself (the battery has an annoying habit of dying just as I come to upload stuff).

Next post: My crafty to-do list. After that: longcat and longlion, and maybe other play stuff too.