Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Crafty To-do List, Summer 2011: version 1.0

So, apart from writing my dissertation, trying to find a job, completing the editing course and preparing for MA 2.0 next year (Coventry; Contemporary Art Practice) I also have a load of crafty stuff to do. Some craft-trades, some commissions, and some personal project that I'd really like to get finished.

- Moppit Baby Blanket for Alexxi (working on now)
- Longcat scarf for Linderel (started)
- Viking Cthulhu for Viking
- Hat for Sunrose (basically finished, just need to go get a ribbon)
- Bookmark for bookmark exchange (Finished, and has been for months and months, but I never have the money to post it to America >_< But I get paid very soon, so I'll finally be able to send it).
- Skull blanket for me (started, on hold)
- Goth Shawl (for me - which reminds me - need to go buy more skull buttons before I leave Bristol)
- Elder Sign (tantalizingly close to being finished)
- Final skull cushion cover (started, but still a long way to go)
- Make masks!
- Zombunny.

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