Sunday, 3 July 2011

Moppit Baby Blanket

So this one was one of the biggest projects of the summer, now completed! it's for a friend to give as a present at a baby shower.

The bunny is Moppit, of course. She's slowly taking over the world. Soon this will be in America.

It's not quite perfect, because somehow I managed to go frequently wrong following my own pattern, I'd suddenly find the pink patch was two stitches too far to the right, despite it being just the right amount of stitches to the right when I started it, and so on. But it still turned out okay, I think. :

This whole project was actually quite fun. We started just from 'I want a baby blanket', and discussed different designs, before settling on 'I want a tapestry crochet baby blanket', then discussed even more designs. Then I produced a few sketches, which she rejected, I drew some more, she loved one, and I made it!

I actually really like it when people reject my first designs. It gives me the confidence that I'm producing something they actually do like and want – that they've not settled for something that wasn't quite what they had in mind just out of politeness. :)

I would have liked to have given it a better edging, but I was limited to how much yarn I could buy, and I didn't have much left, so I had to do something which I had enough yarn for.

Anyways, here are a few of the rejected designs:

We settled pretty quickly on the idea that it should have a rabbit on it, so all the designs are rabbit-based.

She wanted something a bit gender-neutral, just in case the doctors were wrong about whether the baby was a boy or a girl.

In this one I went for pink and blue to hit a balance between girly and boyish.

And in this one, I just went for green, which to me is a fairly gender-neutral colour. There were a few designs that incorporated yellow, too, but I wasn't so keen on those. These two designs might still see the light of day in another form (the latter possibly on a sweater for Domi).

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