Sunday, 23 October 2011

Better than Nothing

Once again trying to get into the swing of this 'frequent update' idea. I'm just not good with this kind of thing because I'm a perfectionist. I always put off making a post because I just want to get a better photo first, or if I wait a few days longer I'll probably have finished the project and then I can... etc. etc. etc. And I'm just not that good at kidding myself that anyone actually cares what I write here, and, well, I don't really need this for my own benefit. But maybe I should try and use it for my own benefit – sort of like a logbook. Ho hum.

The above illustration is the only other original picture I managed to complete for the previously mentioned Portfolio contest. The rest of it I filled with old stuff. This is a picture I started over 2 years ago, in a completely different style. It wasn't photo-realism, but it was a lot more realistic, and played around a lot more with light. But I just couldn't get it right. As far as I can figure, my biggest problem was the combination of the composition and the style. I was working from a reference, so the chin and lips were definitely in the right place, but without the rest of the face to give a better perspective, and context the chin just looked huge. And for some reason I didn't have the confidence to say 'well, I'll carry on painting in this style, but just move the stupid chin'. When I eventually went back to it I started changing one thing then another, and finally ended up with this. I still have the original half-finished painting so maybe one day I'll finish that. Or not. I'm not good with finishing stuff.

The theme this piece was done for was 'Silence'. The title of the illustration is 'You Make Me...'

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