Thursday, 10 November 2011

WIP Wednesday ( what do you mean, it's Thursday??)

So in an attempt to help me keep to some sort of regular schedule, I decided to dedicate one day each week to showing WIPs. This piece is something I'm working on as a test before I begin a much larger project of the same type so I can work through all the unforeseen problems in advance.

But what is it? It's William Blake's poem The Tiger in in cross stitch, with each letter of the alphabet substituted for a different colour. I'd chosen a red pallet for the larger work, so The Tiger seemed a good choice to try it out on, as the pallet seemed to suit this poem, too. Then I thought 'hey, if I stuck black lines in between the text it'd look like a tiger!' and since this is just a test, well, why not try it out? But how to decide the length of the black lines?

In the end I turned to Blake's companion piece to The Tiger: The Lamb. The Tiger poem appears in a book of poetry called 'Songs of Experience' which is a companion, and juxtaposition to the poems in the ion 'Songs of Innocence', in which the poem The Lamb appears. Since Ny interpretation or translation of one poem would be incomplete without the other it seemed appropriate to try and get The Lamb in there somehow. So the length of the black lines is dictated by the length of the lines of The Lamb, excluding spaces and punctuation, which is also missing from my translation of The Tiger.

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